spoon street story.

Award winning self-serve, soft-serve dessert bar.

The Spoon Street brand was founded and created by Harry and Katie Wang in October 2014.  They carried this through every detail down to the very branded napkins. The spoons alone are a unique design and even though biodegradable, customers take them home as the young and old kids a-like love their tactile design and appealing Spoon Street colors. Spoon Street has grown rapidly due to its popularity, as seen by the visitors who come from all over the province (and world) to experience it. There are now four store across Northern Ireland with the next well in the planning stages!

With 16 flavors and over 45 toppings, Spoon Street is the largest soft-serve dessert bar in the UK & Ireland. The self-serve element is where the fun factor really kicks in, so get creative and make sure it’s as delicious as it can be! Our yogurts, sorbets & more are whipped up fresh, in-store daily using locally sourced milk, natural yogurt & ingredients. We also feature a chocolate tap, cookie dough, delicious tray bakes and hot and cold beverages!

We take pride in the vast variety of dietary needs that we cater for including, lactose-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan friendly and vegetarian friendly options, all served up at least 98% fat free! Our mission is to provide the highest quality product, swirled with top-notch customer service & hospitality to build a strengthening relationship with all of our ‘Spooners’, giving you an experience you will not forget.

Check out our find a store page to find your nearest Spoon Street store.

We hope to see you Spoon!