Spoon Street was born when Katie Waddell from Northern Ireland, met Harry Wang, from Queens, New York, one fateful night in the middle of Manhattan.

Katie was on a year's internship where she lived in New Jersey and a visit to the froyo store became a regular occurrence! This led to a lightbulb moment, as she literally got the taste for this new fun, mouth-watering yet healthy treat. There were nothing like this back home in Northern Ireland, she knew we were missing out on a great taste revolution!

Sometime later Katie came home to resume her studies at Ulster University,with plans for Harry to relocate to Northern Ireland to work on their venture together. The evolution of the much loved Spoon Street experience then began to evolve into what it is today.

The Spoon Street brand was created from scratch by Harry and Katie, and they carried this through every detail down to the very branded napkins. The spoons alone are a unique design and even though biodegradable, customers take them home as the young and old kids a-like love their tactile design and appealing Spoon Street colors.

Spoon Street goes from strength to strength and is gathering momentum fast due to its popularity, as seen by the visitors who come from all over the province (and world) to experience it. From the first store opening doors October 2014, the second in October 2015 and third in October 2016; the fourth, fifth and more stores are well in the planning stages. Perhaps you will see a Spoon Street pop up soon in a town near you!